Back Pain

Back pain treatment in Cannington, Bentley and Queens park

You probably know many people who have mentioned back pain to you, you may even have felt pain in the back yourself. This isn’t surprising as over 80 % of Australians will get back in at some stage of their lives.

What causes back pain?

Many people come to our clinic asking that question, why is my back hurting?
There are many varied causes for back pain. The most common cause of back pain is from incorrect posture or incorrect lifting. Often sitting slouched for prolonged periods of time will over stretch the back part of the disc making it bulge or get inflamed. Lifting something too heavy or incorrectly can cause a sprain, a strain or a tear. There are many structures in the back that could be damaged from lifting.

  • The disc
  • The facet joint
  • The ligaments
  • The muscles
  • The tendons
  • The nerves
  • Or the soft tissue fascia

In severe cases of back pain, people may injure 2 or more structures at the same time. This will often complicate the condition and make it take longer to get better.

What can I do to fix my back?”

It really depends on the injured structure and time since injury.
If the injury is fresh, that is less than 24 hours, we suggest resting, using a heat pack or hot water bottle and taking some mild pain killer or anti-inflammatory. Don’t just lie in bed as this can make the back stiffer and more difficult to fix. Rest is relative, so if you normally lift 20 kg weights at work, restrict your work to lifting less than 5kg at a time. Use this as a rule of thumb, not as advice as each case if different and in some cases where the vertebra is broken (from impact or accident), complete bed rest is essential to prevent spinal cord damage.
If the pain had been going on for more than 24 hours, or if you feel on day one that it is not something simple that will just go away with 2 days of rest, book an appointment with a physiotherapist.

Why does back pain keep coming back?

This is one of the most common questions that we get about back pain. The answer is simple, the initial treatment was not followed until the end or no strengthening program was done after the initial stage of pain relief.
When someone gets back pain, 90 % of the time, the back muscles “switch off”, to reduce the pain. As a result of switching off, the back becomes weaker and there is a loss of core stability. The back then is more susceptible to re-injury because it is still fragile. The best remedy is to follow your physiotherapists directions to finish the course of treatment or if you have had back pain in a similar location more than twice in the past, we will prescribe a personalised back and core strengthening program that is tailored to your injury, your age, your desired sport and hobbies and your work.
If you live or work in Cannington, East Cannington, Bentley, Queens Park, Beckenham or Kenwick, we would love to help your back pain.